Crisis Communications in Haiti

Just months after the devastating 2010 earthquake, Spectrum Media was on the ground in Haiti helping the government organize and expand communications with the 1.5 million homeless Haitians living in tent camps.

Our projects included helping to coordinate a multi-pronged effort to deliver urgent information on crime and disease prevention, storm and flood preparation, as well as practical information on tent repair and other survival tools for daily living.

When the cholera epidemic hit Haiti, we helped to coordinate an ambitious multi-media campaign to reduce fatalities. We worked with key government ministries and the international aid community on a campaign that included radio and TV ads and programs, tent camp screenings, sound trucks and theater programs, hot lines and daily cell phone alerts.

Since 2010, Spectrum Media has continued working in Haiti at all levels of government. We are currently working on a comprehensive program to improve communications for the Parliament as an institution, as well as for its members. We will provide trainings to Parliamentary personnel on a range of communication skills, including media production, media relations, social media, and internal communications.

We produced videos and designed an effective training program on communications and conflict resolution skills for the mayors of Haiti's largest cities, who must deal daily with urgent personal and logistical challenges among their constituents.

cholera info program in Haiti