Sustainable Agriculture in Malawi

beekeeping cooperative in Malawi training materials

Hired by USAID, Spectrum Media worked in Malawi for 5 years, developing and producing training materials and a media campaign designed to motivate and educate Malawians on how to earn income from community-based natural resources.

Among the topics covered were fish farming and beekeeping. When Spectrum began this project, Malawi was not producing enough honey to satisfy its domestic market. Four years later, Malawi was exporting honey - a huge accomplishment. People made money all along the supply chain. Moreover, it helped the forests because the beekeepers chased the charcoal vendors out of their forest and the bees pollinated the areas around the apiaries.

The centerpiece of the public awareness campaign was a comprehensive training program that included hours of video on DVDs, with step-by-step illustrated guides that were remarkably effective in teaching rural Malawian farmers to make money from harvesting honey, fish, mushrooms and other products. The campaign included weekly radio broadcasts and TV programs, newspaper articles, newsletters, presentations, posters.

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