The Company

In business for more than 40 years, Spectrum Media has broad international experience in over 20 countries designing videos and multimedia programs that communicate important ideas to people. Our creative solutions have helped clients ranging from USAID to Harvard University translate complex theoretical and global issues into resonant human stories. Our work makes a difference because we listen to what matters most.

Spectrum Media works on a wide range of projects. Whether it is promoting fish-farming or beekeeping to farmers in East Africa, or conflict resolution skills in Jordan, our team of seasoned professionals is highly adaptable - and easy to work with. Spectrum Media works in a variety of ways. We consult on both short and long-term projects. Working in developing countries, we usually partner with local media professionals to create communication tools. We also train government officials at all levels in communications and in how to use media more effectively.

We make award-winning documentary and educational films on a wide range of topics; we've made films on land tenure practices in the Central African Republic for USAID and numerous films on college teaching for Harvard University. We work with an ensemble of talented cameramen, writers, designers, and media producers. From the inception of ideas to program actualization, our work is distinguished by close collaboration and painstaking research.

Tell us about your most daunting communications projects. We love a challenge.