Diamonds, Development and Property Rights

The video Diamonds, Development and Property Rights won three film-festival awards for highlighting an increasingly critical problem worldwide: securing land rights for rural populations. Land is life. But it is also fast-becoming a vital asset in the global economy. As the number of humans grows and the amount of available land for agricultural and other crops shrinks, claims on land by individuals, corporations, government leaders, and foreign countries impacts a range of important global issues, such as food security, large-scale investments, and political sovereignty.

Working for USAID, Spectrum Media produced several videos about rural diamond miners and an innovative program that helped them identify and affirm rights to their land—and livelihoods. These videos were widely distributed in three languages, English, French, and Sango. They continue to be viewed by rural miners, government officials, diamond industry leaders and top leadership in the U.S. State Department and Congress.

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